Not a Tespa Member?
Not a Tespa Member?

November - Twitch Student Bits Bonanza
Our friends at Twitch Student are dropping 100,000 Twitch Bits, exclusively for Tespa members! Use bits to cheer in Twitch chat and support your favorite streamers.
  • Earn Loot Points by leveling up your Tespa Membership using Tespa's Progression System.
  • The more Loot Points you allocate towards a piece of loot, the higher your chances of earning it.
This Loot Drop Has Ended
Looks like you didn't get any loot. Better luck next time. This Loot Drop closed on December 17, 2018.

1,000 Twitch Bits (45 Available)

Individually gift-wrapped for convenience.

10,000 Twitch Bits (2 Available)

Holy bit-bombing Batman, that’s a lot of cheers.

5,000 Twitch Bits (7 Available)

Bigger than your average Christmas gift.