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Queen's University
Amber Zhang
Beamish Munro Hall, Room 313 45 Union St W, Kingston, ON
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The LAN Before Time
Hey Guys! The first LAN of the year is here! Welcome (back) to Queen's University and to a brand new year of Queen's esports! Our first event is completely free! There will be tournaments, the first being Hearthstone.  We are an official Tavern and we will be holding the Season 3 Fireside Gathering Hero Qualifiers, top 3 places will win a prize! It will be played Conquest style, best-of-3 with a single ban. Brackets may be run either in Double-Elimination or Swiss-pairing with a Single Elimination playoff. The second tournament will be player's choice, which we will poll at our first General Meeting on September 13th, 7PM - 9PM.  There will also be a free-play area, where you can play whatever game you want, but this event will have a heavy focus on WoW and HotS, so we will be raffling Warcraft themed prizes out! But it is Bring your own console and Bring your own Computer!
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October AMA: Blizztern Panel 1
As Blizztern applications begin to open up, we encourage you to learn more about the Blizztern experience from 3 panelists who are now working full time at Blizzard Entertainment! Topics include the Blizztern application process, tips for preparing and interviewing, and insight into their current careers. To read about our panelists and submit any questions you have for them, please use the following link:
Oct 17, 2018
SoCal Networking Cruise
Calling all SoCal Chapters! Team Tespa would like to invite you and your chapter to a Tespa networking event, occurring in Newport Beach this October! On Saturday, October 20th from 11:30am - 3:00pm we will be hosting a networking event aboard Hornblower Cruises in Newport Beach, CA. This event is an awesome opportunity to meet other Tespa leaders and members in the Southern California region, and will feature icebreakers, a workshop with breakout sessions, and time for networking and photo opportunities.  To read more about the event and to submit your RSVP, please use the following link:  
Oct 20, 2018
October AMA: Blizztern Panel 2
Our second Blizztern panel features a dungeon artist, a gameplay engineer, and a graphic designer! Whether you are considering applying for an internship or are interested in different careers within the gaming industry, this is a great panel to attend! Topics include the Blizztern application process, tips for preparing and interviewing, and insight into their current careers. To read more about our panelists and submit your questions, click the button below or use this link:
Oct 25, 2018