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Champlain College
Matthew Cox
CCM 232 and 233
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Burlington Overwatch Brawl
Come to the Champlain College Burlington Overwatch Event hosted March 2nd at Champlain College. Our goal is to take the best college Overwatch players in Burlington and have them compete in a tournament to grow and inspire an Overwatch community in the heart of Burlington. Our main event will be a 6v6 tournament from pre-formed teams from the Burlington area and local colleges! If you would like to compete, please fill out the form below with your team's information. We also will be hosting other games like a 1v1 windowmaker tournament, fun game modes, and live streams of recent Overwatch League Matches. Spread the word!
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September AMA: Team Tespa
Join us in interviewing four of Tespa’s remote contractors from the chapter, compete, and tools teams! Topics include what they do within Team Tespa, how they got to their current position, and advice for getting involved in the industry and applying for jobs/internships. To submit any questions you have for our panelists, please use this link:
Sep 12, 2018
October AMA: Blizztern Panel 1
As Blizztern applications begin to open up, we encourage you to learn more about the Blizztern experience from 3 panelists who are now working full time at Blizzard Entertainment! Topics include the Blizztern application process, tips for preparing and interviewing, and insight into their current careers. To read about our panelists and submit any questions you have for them, please use the following link:
Oct 17, 2018
SoCal Networking Cruise
Calling all SoCal Chapters! Team Tespa would like to invite you and your chapter to a Tespa networking event, occurring in Newport Beach this October! On Saturday, October 20th from 11:30am - 3:00pm we will be hosting a networking event aboard Hornblower Cruises in Newport Beach, CA. This event is an awesome opportunity to meet other Tespa leaders and members in the Southern California region, and will feature icebreakers, a workshop with breakout sessions, and time for networking and photo opportunities.  To read more about the event and to submit your RSVP, please use the following link:  
Oct 20, 2018