University of North Texas (UNT)
Texas, United States
UNT Gaming and Esports is among the oldest Tespa chapters to date and boast one of the largest membership on campus for the South Region. Our organization host a wide range of events on and off campus from classic LANS, Fireside Gatherings, Food outings, and esports watch parties, all with the express goal of growing the gaming community in Denton and at UNT. We are also very proud of our competitive endeavors becoming a perennial playoff mainstay in several of the scenes top esports titles. Our success in both the community and competitive side of things has led to us becoming one of the first public university schools with a sanctioned and recognized Varsity Esports Program. We are excited about where we've been and where we're going, and we want you to become a part of it as well! If you are in the Denton area or plan to attend UNT in the near future please visit our social media links above!  
436 Tespa Members
116 Competitive Teams
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