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The Gaming Knights is a student run organization whose primary goal is to bring students together through gaming environments. We host multiple events year round on campus with LAN parties reaching more than 80 people. Not limiting genres or platforms, we are open to every gamer out there! The club is the result of the Console Knights and LANKnights at UCF merging in efforts to bring out a greater effort among the student body. If you are interested in helping out with club activities/events or would like to know more information, please email:  President: Abiel Payano Vice President: Audrey Luce Treasurer: Jordan Peterson Director of Events: Janis Dookie PR Director: Dylan Micheli Secretary: Jamie Cheaw
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October Casual Game Night
Hey everyone! Our good friends and Sponsors over at Cool Stuff Games in Waterford are graciously letting us use their facilities for a day once again. Come hang out, support our sponsors, and play some games! As always, anybody who wants to come and play other games can feel free to do so. We will have spots for Consoles and other board games if you want to come on by and hang out. We will be having 5+ raffles throughout the day with prizes from some of our sponsors. Entering the raffle is free!
Oct 28, 2018
October LAN
It's October! This month's LAN will be featuring all sorts of champions, as we host our biggest League event of the Fall! Teams of all elos are welcome to sign up. In addition, we'll be celebrating the release of Black Ops 4 with console tournaments. Details are subject to change as the event date gets closer. Signups and Rulesets will be posted as the event draws near. PC: League of Legends Console: Black Ops 1v1s, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and Tekken 7
Oct 21, 2018
September 16th LAN
Hi everyone! Gaming Knights is back again for the Fall! If you're a new UCF student or a GK veteran, come out to the Student Union, third floor in the Cape Florida Ballroom for a full day of gaming, tournaments, raffles, and fun. This month we'll be hosting a Tespa Hearthstone Tournament and partnering with UCF's Smash Knights to have a Smash Monthly. We'll be having more casual set ups for new and old people alike, so don't be shy and come meet new people. Signups and rule sets will be posted soon, so keep an eye on the event page. Hope to see you soon! Tournaments and Signups: -PC: Hearthstone and Rocket League -Console: Smash 4 and Melee, Just Dance 2018
Sep 16, 2018